New Congressional Testmony by Professor Robert Glicksman

Oversight of EPA Unfunded Mandates on State, Local and Tribal Government:  Hearing on Oversight Related to Environmental Protection Agency Regulations on State, Local and Tribal Governments Before the Subcomm. on Superfund, Waste Mgmt., & Regulatory Oversight of the S. Comm. on Env’t & Pub. Works, 114th Cong. (June 7, 2016) (statement of Robert L. Glicksman, J.B. & Maurice C. Shapiro Prof. of Environmental Law, George Washington University Law School),

New Article by Professor Laurie S. Kohn

Laurie S. Kohn, Practitioner Implications, Study Shows Petitioners Pursue a Wide Array of Goals through Protection Orders, at Odds with Experts over Potential of PO’s, 1 Violence Res. Dig. (2015) (commenting on L. B. Cattaneo, J. L. Grossmann, and A.R. Chapman, The Goals of IPV Survivors Receiving Orders of protection: An Application of the Empowerment Process Model, J. Interpersonal Violence (April 27, 2015)).